Can anyone toss a pizza? Apparently!

Pizza Tossing Class with 9-time Champ, Tony Gemignani

Pizza Tossing Class with 9-time Champ, Tony Gemignani

Just when you start to believe that you are useless in the kitchen, you also realize that it’s not “cute” to be clueless anymore! I was invited to a “Pizza Party” with 9-time World Champ, Tony Gemignani, at the Dacor Showroom in South San Francisco and volunteered to be a “student” with no expectations except that I would certainly throw dough on someone’s head! This photo is proof that ANYONE can learn how to cook or at least toss pizza like a pro (if you just “throw” yourself out there). All you need to do is find a good teacher and listen carefully. After a few cuts, scrapes and burns (minor hopefully), you’ll be on your way – like I am. Share your learning epiphanies here!

Photo credit: Kira Stackhouse, Nuena Photography

Pizza Champ, Tony Gemignani, Works the Crowd

Pizza Champ, Tony Gemignani, Works the Crowd



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4 responses to “Can anyone toss a pizza? Apparently!

  1. Dave

    I’d have to say that learning to toss the dough would make me look like a pro, even if I took the sauce out of a can 😉

  2. I have attempted to toss many times. I think I need more practice. I think I need the hands on experieince that you got from Tony G. I love the picture. Thanks for featuring this very helpful and entertaining post.
    Albert Grande

    • cooking4theclueless

      Thanks! This was a fun night at the Dacor Showroom. The pictures were really cool too. Remember to have someone snap your picture when you’re practicing the perfect toss. A good photo will definitely make you look fantastic. Chef Tony G. was a great teacher! You should take a lesson from him if you have a chance. I believe he’s opening up a “PIZZA” making school. Coming from New Jersey, I grew up loving great pizza and would love to learn how to make it from scratch. Good luck and thanks for the post!

  3. My husband and I have been making our own pizza for years. It’s more my husbands thing, but he has perfected everything BUT the toss. I know he wants to learn too. You have to let me know the next time they do that class, I am there!

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