Roots of a Clueless Cook

Roots of a Clueless Cook

I want to hear from all my fellow clueless friends out there. Is your kitchen the least used room in your house or apartment? Are you finally getting tired of eating out or microwaving dinner almost every night? Are you feeling the pinch of eating out but the idea of cooking a meal exhausts you because you just don’t get the kitchen?

Tell me your story. I want to know why you don’t cook. Here’s mine:

I was raised by my grandmas, who are still amazing cooks. Problem is, they spoiled me and thought they were doing me a favor by serving me delicious food, cleaning up after me and not letting me in the kitchen. Mom was proud to admit that she burned popcorn. Working all the time – cooking was something she didn’t “do.” With this background and living near NYC, I became obsessed with restaurants in my teens – a restauranteur Greek boyfriend may have helped that passion along. Quickly growing into NYC-bred work-aholism, eating out became the norm. Flash-forward 15 years and I’m in my 30’s, newlywed, who knows about all the great restaurants – but exhausted of eating out and burning food at home. I am on a mission to help put a dent in this epidemic!

My theory is that people like me, who don’t cook, don’t do “it” because we don’t know where to begin, don’t know “how” to do “it.” I bet if we knew the basics, like basic French or Spanish, per se, we’d speak and cook a little more often – maybe travel more.

Anyway – not to get off track: Are You Clueless in The Kitchen? Please tell me about it and examine the root.



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3 responses to “Roots of a Clueless Cook

  1. Yes I’m really clueless. I try to “cook” when I have time to shop, but having time to shop is another story. Assuming that I have gone shopping, I come home and try to cook what I think would be tasty, usually it’s not… and usually it’s the same ingredients… pasta, chicken, garlic, 1 onion, cheese, can of corn, some ice cream… nothing exciting and definitely nothing complicated!

    I throw everything together and hope it tastes good. I cant really cook anything else besides this one chicken dish, pasta, eggs, the usual… would love to learn to cook with more diversity and especially if it doesn’t take too long!

    I do have ambition to be a good cook if I’m in the grocery store and can see everything on the shelves etc.. but it’s easy to get carried away and buy a ton of stuff and not know how to cook with it all so that the flavors compliment each other. = frustrating!

    Cooking takes time though, and I just dont really have enough of it.

  2. Rita Baumgartner

    I’m one of the lucky ones….I have a husband who loves a clean house and does his fair share of housework (ok, maybe more than me). However, his cooking skills are pretty non-existent. I came back from a recent trip to Europe and had to dust…yes, dust not clean, our cooker hob. I could have been gone a year and I can almost guarantee that the cooker wouldn’t have been used once. As for me, well, I muddle thru and make one of about 4 dinners that I learned from my mum. She’s a great cook but never uses a recipe and never has time to explain what she’s doing. I recently had a baby and it was my firm intention that I was going to learn how to cook while on maternity leave. My mother-in-law (another good cook) bought me a new wok, lots of cookbooks etc to get me started….and I’m ashamed to say I haven’t used any of it once. Starting was too daunting so I laid the blame squarely on my innocent baby (always to busy with her to cook something fancy). Now I’m back at work and still make the same few dinners. We can’t eat out as often with our baby. They say variety is the spice of life, well, we’re definitely lacking! I’m clueless, help me!

  3. Patty


    I thought I knew how to cook because I would only cook grilled chicken (more like burnt chicken which I gew to like) and some vegetable. I even suckered in my husband while we were dating by cooking churrasco all the time (my one good dish). Then I got married and realized that my husband and I like different things so I couldn’t survive on the 3 dishes that I’m good at and by making a salad (my husband doesn’t eat vegetables…I know…horrible). So I’ve tried to venture out and just end up getting exhausted with the process. I’ll go on a Food website and get some recipes, then I spend a gazillion dollars at the supermarket to get everything I need, then I take three hours to figure everything out on this labeled “easy” dish, and if I’m lucky to make it come our okay, it’s only enough food for 1 or two days and I’m back to having an empty fridge. I haven’t even been able to figure out how to cook brown rice. BROWN RICE!!! It sounds easy right?? It either comes out crunchy and sticks to your teeth, or it’s a wad of tasteless pasty gum. Like most people, I have a busy schedule, i want to make a quick and healthy meal, and I don’t want to spend a lot of money. Is that too much to ask for? Please help 🙂
    The one-trick pony in the kitchen

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