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Julie & Julia: Meeting a Legend

imagesAfter trying not to listen, read or walk by people discussing the film before I saw it, I finally went to see Julie & Julia this weekend. Since I was in Florida, the crowd was older (50+) which had me think that they had much more exposure to the real Julia then I did…that also made me a bit jealous after watching the film.

Growing up ‘clueless’ in the kitchen meant that I, of course, knew who Julia Child was, but sadly never experimented in the joy of her persona or exquisite cooking. If you can’t tell already, I loved the film and it’s balance. It was the sort of “charming” feeling you get from unrealistic romantic comedies, except this film was based on a true story and from what I understand captures a perfect essence of Julia Child and her world. When you come to know a legend after they’re already famous, one might secretly wonder if they had it easy or lucky in climbing to the top. The film painted a beautiful picture of strong and “fearless” woman who didn’t have to be a bitch to get where she did.

Watching the film was like having a glimpse into your favorite great-aunts (or uncle’s) life in the past – discovering the triumphs (and faults) of character and understanding how every natural decision made him/her so great – a legend. We get few chances to see these things personified and I’ll admit, I felt a bit spoiled, lucky (and craving more) to have the big screen interpret a brief synopsis of Julia Child’s life for us. Without giving too much away, this film is about 2 women following their true passions and working through the times of self-doubt that could have surely stopped them in their tracks. It reminded me that patience and perseverance were the most important ingredients in following your passion in life.

If you were left craving more Julia, like I was, please read the following post by one of my favorite food writers, Amy Sherman of Amy writes about a Julia Child Panel Discussion held by the San Francisco Professional Food Society after a screening of the film. Panelists were friends and colleagues of Julia Child and give some further insight and great stories about the legend herself.


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