Urban Farming: We’re talking bees, chicks & piggies

Yesterday was my 10 week-old son’s first lecture sponsored by 18 Reasons! We went to see a talk on “The State of the Urban Farm” with author and Farmer, Novella Carpenter. Although he thankfully slept the entire time, it was a very interesting and shocking talk in some aspects – especially for a city-slicker who’s not used to cooking, much less thinking about slaughtering your own food.

Yes, I said slaughter. It sounds so gross doesn’t it? Well unless you’re a vegetarian, we should all get over it. I naively thought the talk was going to teach me how to grow an herb garden! Not with Novella! Critics have called her newly published book Farm City: the Education of an Urban Farmer (2009, Penguin Press) “easily the funniest, weirdest, most perversely provocative gardening book.”

Novella shared tales (and a slide show) of her city-raised bees, chicks, rabbits, piggies, and dairy goats on her squatted piece of land in Oakland, CA. The most interesting image of the night was of her learning how to use every part of the pig, with the help of star chef, Chris Lee. Can you imagine making your own salami, pancetta and prosciutto?

Learn more: http://www.urbanfarming.org/


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