How did our first official review go?

Having someone you don’t know and without a vested interest review your work is scary right? Of course it is, but it’s also very necessary! The Cloth Diaper Report (a top mommy blog), just reviewed the Cooking for the Clueless DVD and although they think the “clueless” host may be too clueless (LOL: that’s me), the review was great! Here’s an excerpt:

“I would recommend this DVD set for anyone that likes to cook and wants to get different recipes and tips to add spice to your regular routine, as well as for newlyweds, busy families or couples and families looking to save money on their monthly restaurant or take-out expenses. Nothing saves more money, or adds as much love and warmth to a stomach as a home cooked meal! It would make a perfect holiday gift for anyone who loves food or for yourself! I already have my ingredients ready to make the super simple Spaghetti al Pomodoro for dinner tomorrow night, and feel confident in making it after watching this DVD.”

and in defense of being called “a little too clueless”…

The reviewer is an avid cook – and that may make it difficult to understand how people can be that clueless in the kitchen. But, we’re out there and I swear throughout the video, I’m asking honest questions – all in the name of  the clueless. LOL!

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