Red carpets, French Sauces & Birthdays!

This is a big week! Three big things are happening.

  1. The Tasty Awards: On Thursday, Jan 14th, we’ll be walking down the red carpet at the awesome Kabuki Sundance Theater as nominees for “Best DVD or Subscription Series!” So cool! Check out our 30-sec trailer for the show.
  2. View From the Bay: On Friday, Jan 15th, I’ll be on ABC’s View From the Bay featuring one of the recipes from the Cooking for the Clueless DVD and proving on live television that I’m not clueless anymore! I promise, there is hope for the clueless out there. I’ll be making a Pan-Seared Salmon with a Tomato-herb cream sauce…a reduction no less. This is a delicious recipe that cooks in less that 15 minutes. Thanks Chef Preston! Check out the recipe.
  3. My birthday! Saturday, Jan 16th, I’m having a big and exciting birthday. With the pressure off, we’re heading to wine country for good wine and delicious fun. Starting at Schramsberg for some bubbly. Gotta have bubbles on your birthday!

Thanks to everyone for the good vibes this week and throughout the process! Stay tuned for posts during the Tastys! Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest and greatest.

Biggest question surrounding the show: Will Anthony Bourdain be there?

I hope so. Everyone loves a jaded New Yorker that’s oddly sexy because of his dark side.



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