Winning the Tasty & Cooking on Live TV

What a great birthday week! As many of you know, we WON the 2010 Tasty Award for “Best DVD or Subscription Series!” A big “Thank You!” to all our fans and those who voted for us. It was so exciting (and unexpected) to win. The award show will air on come February. I’ll keep you posted on when it airs so you can see our first acceptance speech at an award show ever! We met a lot of great foodie celebs and fun people at the show. Here are some of our favorite pics:

Janelle Wang (View From The Bay) & Zuzy Martin Lynch

The following day, I was lucky enough to prove that I’m learning how to cook on LIVE TV!

Thanks to View From the Bay for having me on their show and to Chef Preston Dishman for teaching me how to make a pan-seared salmon with a fancy tomato-herb cream reduction.

So how did I do on my first live segment? It was so much fun and it felt good, but I was definitely stumped on the lactose-intolerant question! Look for an expert article on the matter in the next couple of weeks :0). Check out the live segment by clicking here and thanks again.



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3 responses to “Winning the Tasty & Cooking on Live TV

  1. melissacassera

    Your segment was fabulous and no one more deserving to win Best DVD!

  2. Thanks for including me and again, congratulations! All the best to you for continued success. Great meeting you! XXXX

  3. Joanne, Thank you so much! What a fun night and winning the Tasty is helping me get help to a few more clueless people :0)

    It was a pleasure meeting you being such a fan of your show. All my best to you as well. Big Hug!

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