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Dare to cook this V-Day?

It usually happens around the 3rd date or so – if things are going well! That was my pattern – yes, offering to cook a meal. It never phazed me that I didn’t really know how to cook. You would think that might be an obstacle, right? Well, I would usually search for a good recipe on (listed under EASY) and then I’d go to the little gourmet shop down the street – where ingredients would cost me a fortune. With wine, cheese and dessert store-bought, I’d be safe in that arena, so if the meal itself wasn’t stellar, I’d at least get mega points for ambiance and presentation :0).

In our newest expert article, read about one of my 3rd date cooking disasters and get great advice on how to plan for a seductive meal as Terry Dagrosa, founder and publisher of gives us her best tips for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Click here to view Terry’s seductive tips!


Earlier this week, I was on WINK TV making “Cupid’s Clueless Chocolate” – a delicious, quick and gourmet-tasting recipe for homemade chocolate treats that I learned from Chef Michael Munoz over the holidays. Chef Michael is Executive Chef at the City Club in San Francisco and founder of Fit to Be Tied – Gourmet Food and Fitness for Brides and Grooms. His recipes were awesome! If you’re a bride and groom looking to shape up before the big day (together), definitely contact him for help!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Lactose or Dairy intolerant? Why you should care!

I never really thought about being lactose intolerant especially since I’m one of those people who could live on bread and cheese if it were possible. I love cheese! Yummy  – especially with a baguette, like the French. Anyway, so you can understand ONE reason why I was pretty stumped during my LIVE television appearance on View From the Bay when Janelle Wang (host) asked me for a lactose-free version of my tomato-herb CREAM sauce. LOL. Don’t worry, the segment overall went really well and I seemed to recover from her power question!

I survived, but it got me thinking: “What CAN you do if you’re lactose-intolerant and how do you even know if you’re allergic to lactose?!”

In our newest Cooking for the Clueless expert article, Simla Somturk Wickless, founder of Delicious Health, holistic coach and nutrition expert, breaks it down for us and gives some easy tips for figuring this lactose/dairy-free “situation” out!

Thanks Simla for making me a little less clueless!

You can read Simla’s great article here!

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