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Exciting Catch-up News (Green Grocer Book, Talk Show, Classes)

This is a little ridiculous, but I have a few fun things to tell you I’m just going to list them since I would lose you if I talk (write) too much! It’s bad enough that I haven’t blogged about my jamming and canning class at the JCC :0). Can I blame it on my sweet little baby boy taking up all of my time? Yes. Definitely. Onto the juicy stuff:

Joe Carcione, Green Grocer

1. Do you remember The Green Grocer, Joe Carcione? I used to LOVE watching his segments on the local news years back. He was so cute (in an older Italian man sort of way) and a man ahead of his time and the “eat green” revolution. His son, Pete Carcione, is releasing The New Green Grocer Cookbook in October! The new edition is written by Joe, the father, and edited by Pete.

What’s more exciting? Cooking for the Clueless (moi) is a contributor to the new edition! I am very honored to be a part of it. Stay posted for more launch details and check out their website here.

2. Have you heard of Studio Gourmet? Hopefully you will very soon! Studio Gourmet, launching this Fall, is a San Francisco-based live talk program focusing on big chefs and on all things food. Events will bring the city’s best chefs to an intimate setting (a la Actor’s Studio) where they will share stories, secrets and food to a live audience.

Even more exciting? Cooking for the Clueless is partnering with Studio Gourmet and all guests will receive a copy of our fantastic DVD along with their ticket price :0). Become a FAN (you know “LIKE”) on Facebook to get launch info.

3. The Jewish Community Center (JCC) has great cooking classes in a beautiful building. Most of them run $50, $55 for non-members. This is where I took my Jamming & Canning class. It was great and SO EASY! Click here to see their upcoming FOOD classes (i.e. Italian Economico, Mouthwatering Burgers, Great Wines for less $20)

4. My CSA update: I just finished my 4th week of receiving amazing and weird veggies from Canvas Ranch (the only CSA that delivers to Marin County…as far as I know). This past weekend, I made brunch for 5 and used my goodies to make Summer Squash, Tomato & Fontina Frittata, Plum, Apple & Blueberry Salad washed in lightly sweetened lemon water with a splash of fresh mint and a Warm Beet & Chevre Salad over greens with a homemade Blackberry vinaigrette. I want to say that I impressed myself, except, I just used what arrived in my CSA bag last week – so I don’t think I can take credit. I do, however, feel much LESS clueless since I’ve started receiving my weekly bag of farm fresh veggies and strive to use everything before the week is up!

P.S. Went to the SF Underground Market a couple weeks ago and will be going to the Homegrown Marin Market in Sausalito this weekend. These are fun. My only comment: If 7×7 is promoting the Underground Market in their weekly eblast, is it really underground?

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