Planting & Cooking with Fresh Herbs

Now that Thanksgiving is at our doorstep, everyone is cooking! And cooking with fresh herbs is the best, right? Instead of buying fresh herbs every week at the market, I planted my first garden! Why now after all the plants that I’ve killed? Well, I’ve been inspired, by Annie’s Homegrown Root 4 Kids campaign and by my 1-year old son– to do things better, cook more, eat fresher and really understand my food. Starting a garden is a great step in that direction.

We planted Rosemary, Dark Italian Parsley, Oregano, Tri-Color Sage, Thyme, Marjoram & edible Violas. This time, I decided to get some help from the pros at Sunnyside Nursery. Check out our latest episode on planting your own herb garden.

Their best advice:

  • Move your plants into a planter
  • Use good, fresh potting soil (organic works great)
  • Expose to plenty of natural light/shield from too much wind
  • Water, water, water (soil should “slightly damp”, not too wet)
  • Trim and use often in cooking!

Instead of shopping madness this holiday weekend, why not join Root 4 Kids with me and plant your own garden? Sending you gardening success and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. coffeegrounds

    I have an herb garden and several pots I bring in for the winter, there is only a few I don’t grow.

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