I became obsessed with good food and restaurants at an early age. Growing up eating grandma’s home-cooked food while mom was working all the time. Grandma never let me in the kitchen and as for mom, cooking was something she just “didn’t do.” Couple that with living near NYC, it’s no surprise that restaurants soon became an obsession. Cooking, however, became more and more a distant concept – until I hit my thirties and eating out every night became a norm that lost its luster and felt too expensive a habit to keep.

Starting to cook for “real” when you’ve been clueless so long is as difficult as changing any bad habit. How many times have you kept your New Year’s resolutions or stuck with a diet? You get the idea. If you don’t cook, we’re so trained to make excuses as to “why” we don’t or can’t do it, that it’s mentally exhausting. This is why I’m on a mission to admit I was clueless, ask all the questions and start to slowly help my generation get cooking!

About Cooking for the Clueless

Cooking for the Clueless is a video, website and blog that tackles the generational problem of not really knowing how to cook. The video pairs a self-proclaimed clueless cook with a team of extraordinary chefs, bakers, and experts – asking all the questions we really want to know. This blog chronicles my quest to go from eating out 7 days a week to someone who actually cooks at home along with any commentary related to America being clueless (in the kitchen)!

Visit our website for great expert articles to help you in the kitchen (www.cooking4theclueless.com) and become our Facebook Fan for special treats, prizes and lots of help in the kitchen!

Zuzy Martin Lynch

3 responses to “About

  1. kellyannart


    So happy to see you doing what you love! I look forward to following your posts this year. How are you enjoying word press? cheers, kellyannart.com

  2. Zuzy,

    Thanks for replying. I, like you, continue to move forward. I wish you a great new year & look forward to reading your posts.

    In my chef pursuits, I am completely about the healthy, simple dishes, which my daughter & husband will eat with zest. Seasonal fair is always nice.

    To sugar & spice, kellyann

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