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Like Vagina Monologues – FOR FOOD?!

San Francisco Premiere @ Rrazz RoomI was also intrigued! When I met Peggy Sweeney McDonald,¬†creator of “Meanwhile, Back at Cafe Du Monde…,” she described her show as follows:

“It’s like the Vagina Monologues of FOOD!”

Right away, I thought, “Wow. That’s sounds interesting – in more ways than one.” Then two very exciting things happened. 1) She told me the San Francisco premiere was in March and 2) She asked me if I wanted to join the list of “headliners!” The excitement of telling a childhood story about FOOD pushed out any nervous voices saying, “uh…this is at the Rrazz Room! uh, you’re not an actor or a stand up comic…uh….SHHHHHH!”

I’m doing it! Come see me and others, including comedian, Michael Capozzola…if you dare (or if you just love good stories about food). Mine will be about my 5 moms and coffee!

Details & tix:

Meanwhile, back at Cafe Du Monde…

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 (doors open at 6:30 pm/Show starts at 7:30pm

Rrazz Room

322 Mason Street


For more details and tix:


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Amazing Grass!

Living in San Francisco and saying that I found “amazing grass” can certainly be confused for a few different things! But now that I’m cooking more, eating healthy has become a bi-product of what I crave. I’m becoming more and more comfortable in the natural food stores and craving foods that are fresh and natural. I have to say, the first time I walked into Rainbow Grocery, I was very intimidated. Everyone knew what they were doing and shopping “in bulk” and for all sorts of strange ingredients. I was pretty scared, being that I came from a “clueless” place. Now that I’ve been to quite a few “health” or natural food stores – I love that they have so many more options than the small “organic” sections at the big grocers which always seem a bit out-of-place – as if the marketing department at HQ said, “let’s get an organic section up asap.”

Back to that “amazing grass.” So, I was visiting Nature’s Food Patch on a visit to Clearwater, Florida looking for a healthy shake mix to get me started in the mornings and I found the most YUMMY mix ever. It’s called Amazing Meal (Chocolate Infusion) and it’s made by Amazing Grass, a San Francisco-based company! Ironic that I found it on the opposite coast when it’s made in my backyard. I mix it with almond milk and add 1/2 banana sometimes and although I love it because it tastes great, here are a few extra perks: it’s organic, raw, vegan, dairy free, non-gmo, gluten-free and soy free.

Check your local natural market or visit them at http://www.amazinggrass.com/ or in the Facebook world of course.


Speaking of vegan…by matter of pure coincidence, my brilliant cartoonist & comedian friend, Michael Capozzola, emailed his latest FOOD cartoon creation to me today. Enjoy and check out more of his work at http://www.capozzola.com/ or at the Chronicle.

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Winter Risotto & Choco Panna Cotta at Bloomies

Zuzy & Chef Preston Dishman of Viognier

Last night we warmed up some of our fans at Bloomingdale’s San Francisco with a Butternut Squash Risotto and sweet Chocolate Panna Cotta topped with fresh cream! It was so fun to learn from Chef Preston Dishman of Viognier. You might recognize Chef Preston from the “Restaurant Factor” segments on the Cooking for the Clueless DVD or from watching him on local Bay Area TV. He’s a regular on View From the Bay.

The risotto was perfect for a very cold night in San Francisco (felt like I was back in NYC sans the proper coat…Brrrr). As for the Panna Cotta, it was so easy to make! Try out our Comforting Winter Recipes this season and check out the free cooking demos at Bloomie’s. They’re great.

This Saturday Tony Gemignani will be there at 2pm. He’s the famous Pizza Tossing Champ from the Food Network who recently opened up Tony’s Pizza and Scuola di Napoli in North Beach (SF). He’s really fun and animated. I actually learned how to toss pizza with him a while back. Yes! and if I could do it, so can you!

Photo Credits: Michael Capozzola (my favorite cartoonist/comedian!)

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