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Winter Risotto & Choco Panna Cotta at Bloomies

Zuzy & Chef Preston Dishman of Viognier

Last night we warmed up some of our fans at Bloomingdale’s San Francisco with a Butternut Squash Risotto and sweet Chocolate Panna Cotta topped with fresh cream! It was so fun to learn from Chef Preston Dishman of Viognier. You might recognize Chef Preston from the “Restaurant Factor” segments on the Cooking for the Clueless DVD or from watching him on local Bay Area TV. He’s a regular on View From the Bay.

The risotto was perfect for a very cold night in San Francisco (felt like I was back in NYC sans the proper coat…Brrrr). As for the Panna Cotta, it was so easy to make! Try out our Comforting Winter Recipes this season and check out the free cooking demos at Bloomie’s. They’re great.

This Saturday Tony Gemignani will be there at 2pm. He’s the famous Pizza Tossing Champ from the Food Network who recently opened up Tony’s Pizza and Scuola di Napoli in North Beach (SF). He’s really fun and animated. I actually learned how to toss pizza with him a while back. Yes! and if I could do it, so can you!

Photo Credits: Michael Capozzola (my favorite cartoonist/comedian!)

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Can anyone toss a pizza? Apparently!

Pizza Tossing Class with 9-time Champ, Tony Gemignani

Pizza Tossing Class with 9-time Champ, Tony Gemignani

Just when you start to believe that you are useless in the kitchen, you also realize that it’s not “cute” to be clueless anymore! I was invited to a “Pizza Party” with 9-time World Champ, Tony Gemignani, at the Dacor Showroom in South San Francisco and volunteered to be a “student” with no expectations except that I would certainly throw dough on someone’s head! This photo is proof that ANYONE can learn how to cook or at least toss pizza like a pro (if you just “throw” yourself out there). All you need to do is find a good teacher and listen carefully. After a few cuts, scrapes and burns (minor hopefully), you’ll be on your way – like I am. Share your learning epiphanies here!

Photo credit: Kira Stackhouse, Nuena Photography

Pizza Champ, Tony Gemignani, Works the Crowd

Pizza Champ, Tony Gemignani, Works the Crowd


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