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New York is for dreams. LA is for fantasies.

My 2.5 days in Los Angeles for the Tasty Awards were so much fun. You know LA gets a bad wrap and I was staying in the middle of it – Beverly Hills – 2 blocks from Rodeo Drive and 1/2 a block from paparazzi stalkers. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I haven’t spent much time in LA, but I was fully ready to confirm all the negativity. BIG SURPRISE! I had a great time and came to one conclusion:

New York is for dreams and LA is for fantasies.

New York teaches you to dream big. You learn how to go for it and along the way gain great work ethic, drive, and a coffee addiction.

Los Angeles is for fantasies – and I don’t mean that in a negative way. In Beverly Hills, everything was beautiful in a fantastical way…hair, make-up and oh the clothes – all exaggerated and alluring, like a forbidden elixir. I may have had a little sip since I had such a good time :0).

Here are some photos from the 2011 Tasty Awards Red Carpet – where I actually had great conversations with all these “fantastic” foodie celebs: Chefs Fabio Viviani (Top Chef, Top Chef All-Stars), Tanya Holland (Food Network/Brown Sugar Kitchen), Nathan Lyon (Food Network) and also Olympic Medalist, Brian Boitano (What Would Brian Boitano Make?), Bobby Bognar (Food Tech), Leslie Sbrocco (Check Please! Bay Area) and Actress Nickie Jurado.

Fabio Viviani (Top Chef, Top Chef All-Stars), Zuzy Martin Lynch (moi)

Chef Tanya Holland (Food Network & Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland)

Bobby Bognar of Food Tech (middle), his dad (left)

Brian Boitano (Gold Medalist Ice Skater/Cook: What Would Brian Boitano Make?

Chef Nathan Lyon (A Lyon in the Kitchen)

Nickie Jurado, Actress

Leslie Sbrocco, Check Please! Bay Area


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Tasty Award Pre-Party Snaps

It was great mingling with all the Tasty Award presenters & honorees at The Crescent Beverly Hills Hotel for the award show pre-party! Here are a few snaps:

Zuzy (me) with Luciene Salomone (WE Tv)
Jolene Sugarbaker of The Trailer Park Cooking Show
Francesca of Valcooks Aprons
Sara O’Donnell of Average Betty

Matthew Bunn,

Chef Nathan Lyon & Bobby Bognar (Food Tech)

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Red-carpet jitters

In 1 day, I’ll be on a plane to Los Angeles to present an award at the 2011 Tasty Awards at the Egyptian Theatre. I know, I know, it’s not like I’m presenting at the Golden Globes, but I’m still nervous and trying to wish my way into being skinny. Re-watching Julie & Julia was definitely inspiring, not in trying to think skinny, but in remembering how two women embarked on a brave journey to follow their passions – not knowing where it would take them and having the courage to continue despite many obstacles. It’s scary to follow a dream sometimes because until your successful…well let’s just say that it can be daunting. Back to Julia Child…did you know that she only began to learn how to cook at age 37?! Thanks again Julie Powell for helping me learn about Julia. There is hope.

If you missed my original review on the movie, check it out here.

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Planting & Cooking with Fresh Herbs

Now that Thanksgiving is at our doorstep, everyone is cooking! And cooking with fresh herbs is the best, right? Instead of buying fresh herbs every week at the market, I planted my first garden! Why now after all the plants that I’ve killed? Well, I’ve been inspired, by Annie’s Homegrown Root 4 Kids campaign and by my 1-year old son– to do things better, cook more, eat fresher and really understand my food. Starting a garden is a great step in that direction.

We planted Rosemary, Dark Italian Parsley, Oregano, Tri-Color Sage, Thyme, Marjoram & edible Violas. This time, I decided to get some help from the pros at Sunnyside Nursery. Check out our latest episode on planting your own herb garden.

Their best advice:

  • Move your plants into a planter
  • Use good, fresh potting soil (organic works great)
  • Expose to plenty of natural light/shield from too much wind
  • Water, water, water (soil should “slightly damp”, not too wet)
  • Trim and use often in cooking!

Instead of shopping madness this holiday weekend, why not join Root 4 Kids with me and plant your own garden? Sending you gardening success and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Challah with Irving Greisman!

Thanks again to Irving Greisman of Irving’s Premium Foods. He’s known to make the best Challah bread in the San Francisco Bay Area and it really was amazing. I was asked to co-host a challah-making class with him only to discover that he was so charming and such a great teacher that I wanted to adopt him as my grandpa.  The class was hosted by the Young Adult Division (YAD) of the Jewish Community Federation in benefit of the Chicken Soupers. I braided and baked my challah dough as soon as I got home – mostly so that I wouldn’t forget what I learned. Check out my challah below.

For Irving’s Challah French Toast recipe (with a very unexpected ingredient), click here.

Freshly baked 4-braid Challah bread.

Irving’s challah is available in markets throughout the Bay Area.



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